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I’d like to dedicate a very special fuck you to white chefs and food bloggers who steal recipes from a culture that isn’t theirs and then water them down until they’re bland as fuck, omit ingredients they find too spicy or exotic”, and mix in ingredients that don’t make sense only to call it their “latin/african/asian/middle-eastern-style-fusion-whatever-the-fuck” and then gain popularity or profits from it for being “inventive/ adventurous”

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In 1977 I received my first hair cut from my dad in our garage. 37 years later I still have the same barber. The price remains the same..
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We better listen……

We’re all in this together—whether we want to recognise or not.
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Ancient Aliens AKA “We’d rather make heinous attestments of history to aliens than Africans”.

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This #mermaidpose bind on #natarajasana feels like a superhero posture. When I’m lost in the wilderness, I want to hold on to this feeling of power. I created this all on my own- I own this sensation. “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” #dancerpose
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