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→ Feb 2011 "There was his scandalous talk, and then, when she finally drew him into her, his abrupt, awestruck silence. His stillness. He would lie within her like a man who had suddenly found himself inside a temple of some kind, and hangs back, overcome by the magnificence of the place, and sensing around him the invisible forms of the deities who reside there: Erzulie with her jewels and gossamer veils, Yemoja to whom the rivers and seas are sacred; Oya, the first wife of the thunder god and herself in charge of winds and rains…Jay might have felt himself surrounded by a pantheon of the most ancient deities who had made their temple the tunneled darkness of his wife’s flesh. And he held back, trembling a little, not knowing quite how to conduct himself in their presence." — Praisesong for a Widow, Paule Marshall
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